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I'm Emmy - I'm an artist and licensed professional counselor associate, often finding ways the two overlap in intuition, connection, and imagination. My undergraduate degree is in Studio Art from The University of Texas at Austin, and I hold a Master's of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. I completed my practicum and internship hours through Capital Area Counseling. My focus and training include mindfulness, internal family systems, psychedelics and integration, and somatic exploration. I am fortunate to be supervised by Reem Glasco, LPC-S, SEP. 


My Approach

I believe that therapy isn't about fixing or healing but creating a safe environment in the presence of another nervous system to explore the wisdom and language of your body and to integrate lived experiences. As the client, you carry the natural longing for healing on your own, therefore you are the guide. Together, we will work to build trust and a relationship that can support inner transformation. More often than not, the patterns and coping skills that are enacted outside of therapy come up in session - these are moments to observe and act out our dynamics. I will bring compassionate attention to these moments in the here and now. 

Combining parts work and mindfulness, we will bring attention to the language of your body. Through learning the way your body speaks to you, we can develop a relationship with it for resilience-building, capacity-expanding, and compassion. In the end, my hope is to support you in developing a compassionate and deeper relationship with yourself. 

I also offer psychedelic preparation and integration. I use a harm reduction model to offer you tools and resources for you to make informed decisions for yourself. I also love working with those curious about exploring consciousness work without using psychedelics through tools such as visualization journeying, mindfulness, guided meditation, tea drinking, and more. 

Who Are My Clients

My clients are successful, smart, hardworking adults who have the appearance of a healthy and happy life, but feel like something is missing. Whether it is suffering from relationship/communication issues, perfectionism and negative self-image, overworking, or addictive coping mechanisms, I work with clients who at the core, have a maternal disconnection;  biological mother or nature (Mother Earth). As a result, are not functioning in line with their values or ideals. This could be individuals who are adult children of alcoholics, caregivers, wellness industry worker, therapist, or someone seeking a spiritual practice. If any of these things sound like you, you are in the right place. I look forward to connecting. 

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